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Country Vacations India | Country Vacations Bandipur

Country Vacations India in Bandipur wildlife sanctuary is a resort of a rare kind. Situated just 4 km off the Bangalore-Ooty Highway, this exotic resort is nestled in the heavenly Mangala Valley and surrounded by the lush forests that are home to the most exotic wildlife and flora. Country Club India with an intention of giving the member the adventurous experience built the establishment right at the edge of the sanctuary. The resort is fully designed to blow up the adventurous heart. The accommodations are well stashed with luxurious interiors that make the member's family experience the wildlife sanctuary. A huge swimming pool, Furnished Cottages Library & Conference Hall, wild Safari, Roller Blading, Cricket Nets, Billiards and Ayurvedic Massages to keep the Country Vacations India members and their families well satisfied.

Country Vacations Membership is intended to provide all the segments of the society the pleasure of world class clubbing experience. Country Club India helps you to acquire the Country Vacations Membership with effortless and hassle free procedures.